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The Ultimate Leisure Destination

Salt Haus is a boutique vacation rental along the beautiful coastline of 30A, Florida.

It was designed with you in mind.

Over the years, we stayed in a lot of Airbnb’s that felt lacking. It seemed like the most intentionally designed short term rentals were always the big, giant homes, and not the ones suited for just a couple or small group,. This is what inspired us to design a truly beautiful rental property that was focused on delivering an amazing guest experience in a smaller space.

When you’re at Salt Haus 30a, life is about slowing down and being present. There’s so much to do and explore here, whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. This quaint beach town has more pastel colored bikes than high-rises, and a gorgeous stretch of beach that’s perfect for quiet leisure. 

Aside from it’s idyllic location, we believe your bed should feel luxurious, cooking meals should be easy and fun, arranging an activity should feel effortless, and enjoying your beach day certainly shouldn’t feel like work. 


why salt haus?

So as much as it is ours, Salt Haus is yours - a place to create memories that stay with you, to find rest when you need it, and to feel entirely cared for - without a worry in the world.

Imagine a Day at Salt Haus 30a

Slow living, Salt Air, Seaside Memories...

At Salt Haus, your morning starts with the warmth of the sun on your face, as the light peeks through the curtains. Waking slowly, you head down from the cozy loft and into the kitchen where a cup of Nespresso and branded Salt Haus mug awaits. 

As you step out onto the balcony and curl up in the hanging rattan chair, you hear the crash of the waves and inhale the fresh salt air. Maybe you do a bit of reading, or perhaps you just look out at the sea; allowing a sense of ease to wash over you.

With the sun gaining strength, you head inside to get ready, followed by a bike ride to breakfast with your pup in tow. The quiche is fresh and buttery and the cafe is buzzing with friendly faces. You head back to the condo to change into swimwear, pack up your beach bag, and pick your perfect spot on the sand. Raising the umbrella and rolling out your towel, you’re settled in for a full day in the sun. 

By late afternoon, you’re ready to rinse off the salt and grab a bite. You breeze through drying your hair, as you think, “The Dyson’s really worth the hype.” You grab a rooftop table at Bud & Alleys in Seaside, followed by popping into a few shops and grabbing some wine & cheese for later.

Back at home, you put together a beautiful charcuterie assortment and pack it all up in the picnic basket to head beachside for sunset. Wine tumblers in hand, you wait until the last ray of light dips below the horizon.

After sunset, you brush the sand off your feet and start preparing dinner in the kitchen, dancing to the tunes of the Saltwater Summer playlist. Cocktails are being made behind the bar as the sliding doors are opened, and the cool sea breeze moves in. The All-Clad cookware made dishes a breeze, so you grab a seat on the couch for a few rounds of board games or a favorite movie.

As you later crawl in bed, and pull up the sheets, a smile comes to your face as you drift off to sleep.

Come refresh your outlook
and make new memories

Escape the Everyday